Sunday, 13 March 2011

How to Use Nursing Leadership Qualities?

Profession of nursing basically relies on your capability to be firm in your target and your empathetic and compassionate qualities. Besides there are other abilities and personal capabilities that is need to be a better nurse and that works in force as per the nursing leadership qualities. If you are among those who have planned to select one of the many types of nursing careers and want to be excellent at the job, and be at a position that is respected by one and all, then you will have to know and learn of the qualities if a good nurse and embed them inside you. You will also have to learn some leadership styles while competing in the industry.
This does not matter which kind of leadership style you adopt, leadership means adopting few strategic technicalities that will lift you up as an effective leader.  As there are cases with people of other professions, there are few basic competences that provides base of leadership in nursing. When you become a senior nurse, everyone will expect from you to fulfill the necessary qualities that a good leader posses. This includes problem solving, motivation, delegating, planning, and making new and effective strategies, sympathy with the group, checking output from your group and advocating development of group members.
Working as Mentor
Someone who copies his or hers skills and embeds the same into his or her personality and life for life is referred to as mentor. So you as a mentor, has job to act as a role model and be worth as an imitation for all the members of your staff. Members of your staff will watch you and learn all the ethics and skills that a nurse should have. That is why you will have to be just the best at what you perform. When you will do your best, it will only imply that you need and expect only the best from your staff members. Besides, while you work as a mentor, make sure that all your juniors (subordinates) have the freedom to ask about your working techniques, so that they can grip on tightly.
Make sure you give them ample liberty to adjust to your ways and make their own way of bringing up the medical organization, only as long as it doesn’t intervene with the guidelines of it. Take out sometime of your schedule to check as how are they working and also lead them in the correct way. Keep a check on your subordinates, but do not force guidelines in an arrogant manner because no one will appreciate it. This does not require being general, but on the basis of various activities performed by the nurse every day. For example, start with mentorship in a specific area of nursing, like the communication skills in nursing and when your subordinate has completed in this regard, move to the next. This type of integrated role modeling will assist them take up the requirement of the characters in a good way.

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